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My son started his guitar learning journey with Dimitar when he was 6 years old, and I can't recommend Dimitar enough. With a great child manner, he is patient yet firm, and a perfectionist to the core. While my son was on Trinity classical guitar grade track,  Dimitar always made sure there was just enough fun and diversity in his private lessons so a young student does not lose interest and passion. My son is now at Grade 4 Trinity - having achieved distinction at Grade 3 - and I give Dimitar a lot of credit to have started him on the right track with the right level of attitude, discipline and passion.
Arash Khurana
I would not hesitate recommending Dimitar for both children and adults alike. He has a very calm, patient manner and is an exceptional teacher. He also taught my son during the covid period where we needed to move to virtual online lessons - which is by no means a small feat with a 9 yo! He has great attention to detail, ensuring students learn correct techniques and do not pick up bad habits from the start. Highly recommended.
Veronica Daswani
I've had various false starts at teaching myself guitar over the years and had recently hit pause on learning as I had lost momentum. Dimitar has been great with helping me rediscover the pleasure in playing and improving my technique - as well as curing a few bad habits. The sessions are relaxed and he's a very patient and perceptive tutor - I very much recommend him.
Kenny McAndrew
My son has been having lessons with Dimitar for about 2 1/2 months now. While he had guitar lessons about 2 years ago, we feel with Dimitar he has improved very rapidly and Dimitar's lesson have made him really enthusiastic about playing. We would highly recommend Dimitar.
Jessica Chattrabhuti
Dimi is a fantastic teacher. I’ve only just started the guitar but Dimi has taught me the basics very quickly and now feel more confident. I have to juggle work and childcare commitments and Dimi is very flexible in accommodating my lesson schedule. I highly recommend him
Learning acoustic guitar with Dimitar has been a blast! I started a year ago at the age of 41, knowing only a couple of simple open chords. Over the past year, his teaching has covered chords, strumming techniques, fingerstyle and reading sheet music, from classical tunes to modern rock. I can't believe the progress I've made!!! Dimitar is a very knowledgeable guitar teacher, his chill vibe and patience make each lesson enjoyable. Highly recommend!
Marcin Kachel
Dimitar is a very patient teacher. He has taught our 6year old from being a complete beginner. Our son really looks forward to his lessons and knows what he needs to practice in between. He is making fantastic progress thanks to Dimitar's teaching and inspiration. We highly recommend St Alban's Guitar Lessons!

I’ve been taking classical guitar lessons with Dimitar for a few months now and in that time, I’ve made more progress than years of trying to teach myself. He’s set me pieces that stretch my ability and he has a very strong eye/ear for detail and doesn’t miss a thing. As a result I’ve been able to iron away lots of the bad habits I’ve picked up over the years and build confidence. I’ve come a long way from Greensleeves! Thanks Dimitar!
Connor White

My son Michael (aged 8) has really enjoyed learning the guitar with Dimitar, feels inspired to practice and feels a real sense of achievement! Thank you Dimitar!
Laura Llewellyn-Jones

Dimitar holds high standards for his students. He provides clear advice to enable them to improve their practice. He provides useful resources in the form of recordings of the piece played by himself and the student. This helps the student to practise independently. He has a love of music and is happy to share his wide knowledge which is inspiring and motivating for the student.
Natalie Cross

We have been with Dimitar for a while now and can confirm he is an excellent tutor. Not only he knows music, he knows how to teach it. He saw the potential in my son and has helped him let it out and embrace it. He is also good at listening to my son's needs as at times he was feeling a bit overwhelmed connecting with him. My son looks up to Dimitar and loves his sessions. He is happy and effective both face to face and online as we could witness during covid.
Jennifer Neal

Dimitar has always been reliable and consistent in delivering lessons online and face to face. 
He gives effective feedback & advice in order for my daughter to make good progress. My daughter has been receiving lessons from him for almost 7 years now, she looks forward to her weekly lessons with him.
Melissa Brown

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